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“The best things in life aren’t things” – unknown

Welcome to 2012, a new year, a year full of fresh possibilities.  I’ve recently read and heard so much about New Years Resolutions, changes people are hoping to make, different approaches and different plans to help each person stick with or remember the goals they have set.  Well, I know myself pretty well and if […]

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Spring Bliss

Isn’t Spring the greatest?  Everything is in bloom! You can’t help rolling down the hill, even if the dew soaks through your clothes! Playing in the sandbox thats no longer covered in snow/ice feels like a special privilege! Drinking Pink Lemonade with fresh fruit! Good to the last DROP! It really is the simple everyday […]

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February’s Favorite Things

Gummy Vitamins – I don’t know about you but regular multi vitamins make me nauseous, like REALLY nauseous.  These are so yummy, like candy, seriously!!  Plus, the fact that I take “Super Hero” vitamins totally gives me brownie points with the little dude I care for! Green tea with Mint – I don’t know what […]

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Soccer | Kim Family

Luke has recently started a summer soccer program and seems to be really enjoying it!  Apparently its quite the workout since it only takes him about 10 minutes to be dripping in sweat. ~Excuse the blurry pictures, the light is terrible on this indoor turf!~

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