February’s Favorite Things

Gummy Vitamins – I don’t know about you but regular multi vitamins make me nauseous, like REALLY nauseous.  These are so yummy, like candy, seriously!!  Plus, the fact that I take “Super Hero” vitamins totally gives me brownie points with the little dude I care for!

Green tea with Mint – I don’t know what it is about this stuff, but its YUMMY with or without a touch of honey.  In the spring and summer I go through boxes of the Green Tea with Mango and Green Tea with Peach.  Mixed together over ice they make the prefect summertime drink!

Snowstorms – Growing up in Florida we would wake up in the middle of the night if there was a chance of snow, or drive an hour north to make an 18inch snowman that would melt within 3 hours.  Any Holiday spent in Missiouri with our family was accompanied by many prayers for snow, and even more prayers to be snowed it!  Well, that all changed for me.   January and February brought enough snow to Georgia to fill every SNOW desire I’ve ever had.

The Bachelor –  GUILTY PLEASURE!!! Ok, seriously this show is so entertaining.  I am a little embarrassed to even admit I watch it, but I can’t help it!!  I can’t actually believe anyone would sign up to be on the show, its asking for trouble, but then there is always the one “innocent sweet girl” that I can’t help loving and rooting for.  So, I am rooting for Emily!!

Ugg boots – I know, I am about 4 years behind on this.  But, wow so cozy and warm.  Totally helps get past the UGLY factor!!

Black Heels to Tractor Wheels – By the Pioneer Woman herself : REE DRUMMOND - Seriously, what a great book!!

I am leaving tomorrow for a few days of MUCH needed vacation.  I will be back in the office and respond to e-mails by the middle of week!!  See you then!

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