About Abbie

Incase you want to know more, Here are a few things that will tell you a little more about me!

  • I love to lay on the beach, swim, go canoeing, kayaking, water sports and going boating – basically anything that involves water.  It so peaceful and relaxing.
  • I love to pretend I love Coffee, when I really just like the warmth and smell.  I really LOVE tea!
  • I really like a good shade of Lemon Yellow, but I am too terrified to wear or decorate with it!
  • I believe I could eat a Steak Fahita Burrito from Chipotle every, single, day and never get sick of it.   No SERIOUSLY!!
  • I am addicted to the internet.  Seriously, what did we do before Google, Facebook and iphones?
  • Dr. Pepper is my vise and I truly believe Chic Fil A has the best fountain Dr. Pepper, it is definitely better than all the rest!
  • When I was eight I pulled the fire alarm (on accident, long story) during our Church’s Easter pageant dress rehearsal.  There were about 100 people standing outside in the street, all in biblical costume.  Since the church is downtown on main street everyone in town knew!!
  • I am working on developing a more defined personal style, something thats fun, something thats ME!
  • I really enjoy music, you can find a song to speak to every mood, emotion and feeling!
  • I love to organize, and if something is out of order I will dump out the drawer or empty the closet and start all over!!
B l o g L o v i n '
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